Zim’s Menu

All day breakfast and lunch menu featuring Zim’s Classic Omelettes, specialty sandwiches, and broasted chicken.  Try our world-famous Zimbo Burger, possibly the best burger you’ve ever tasted. Mouth-watering appetizers for starters. Don’t miss Monday and Friday Steak Nights. All of Zim’s steaks are hand-cut from 100% Choice USDA Beef and cooked to order. It’s the best deal in town. Saturday Night Prime Rib Special – Don’t miss it! Specials daily.

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2 Responses to Zim’s Menu

  1. Mary Melton says:

    Today 11-12-13 my friend and I came in for lunch- we got there at 12:06pm and no one waited on us for a short time and then we finally got waited on and we ordered half a SW Salad and she ordered a sandwich- we only have a hour for lunch. The place wasn’t busy but at 12:40 we still did NOT have our food, just as we were getting up to walk out a woman brought us our food. We ate our food quickly so we could get back to work in time. No one ever came to check on us, never asked if anything was ok, never brought us more water or even brought us the check! We went to the counter to pay our bill where we also had to wait around. I am disappointed in the service and not sure we will come back- at least not on our lunch hour………….

  2. connie says:

    Hello Mary. This is Connie, owner of Zim’s Brau Haus. Thank you for your email. I racked may brain trying to remember what happened on Tues. I remember you being there, in fact, I brought your lunch out to you. I remember that you were the last table served and that you did wait for a long time. We were pretty steady, business wise, but I distinctly remember the food was coming out really slow that day, for some reason. Of course, I don’t like to hear that your service was bad, but you certainly have a legitimate complaint. I was there to help Linda, but it looks like we both dropped the ball when it came to your table. My husband and I used to work in a business down town years ago and I remember that we had a limited time for lunch. We would choose restaurants that would get our food out fast. I don’t want to be the place that is known for slow service. I would love for you to come back and try us again. I take this personally and I want to make it up to you two. I would be honored to buy you two lunch. Please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

    Sincerely, Connie Ford